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Most important part of the reproductive system

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The reproductive system is part of the human body consisting of vital organs working together to foster procreation. The genitalia or penis and ovaries are some of the major organs which contribute to the reproductive system.

When the erected penis gets within the vagina, the semen will be shifted into the woman’s body, Buy Dapoxetine. The sperm, which is contained in the semen, pushes through the cervix until it gets within the fallopian tube. After which, the ovum will be fertilized. As soon as fertilization and implantation are completed, the development of the fetus will start within the uterus for nine months. This occurence is termed as pregnancy.

The most important part of the reproductive system is the male and female organs. The male reproductive system comprises of various organs. It may be located out of the body close to the pelvic part. The male reproductive organ produces the spermatozoa needed for the fertilization of the ovum inside the female’s uterus.

There are three categories associated with the male reproductive organ. First up is the sperm production. It starts at the testes stored in the scrotum. In order for sperms to be healthy, the scrotum works to regulate the temperature inside. All undeveloped sperm cells are going to move throught the epididymis wherein they will be kept and developed. The prostate, seminal vesicles as well as vas deferens are part of the second category which is the ejaculatory fluid glands. The last one includes the penis, vas deferens, Cowper’s gland and the urethra. They are responsible in the disposal of the sperm into the female’s vagina.

The female reproductive system largely differs compared to the males. The main parts of the female reproductive system include the vagina which receives the sperm, the uterus which serves as the storage for the developing fetus, and the ovary which produces the egg. The breast is an essential part of the reproductive organ which helps in the parenting of the new born baby.

Menstruation is caused by the unfertilized ova and will be experienced within a 29 days interval. This will occur on a monthly basis as long as no egg will be fertilized.

The reproductive system is the same as the development of the urinary system because of the location and function of a few of the organs termed as homologous in structure. Although the male and female reproductive system differ from each other, there also are similar structures in their systems. The Mullerian ducts, Wolffian duct and gonad are the common organs included.

Similar to any other parts of the body, the reproductive system may also encounter certain problems. One of the most common is the sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, HIV and syphilis and then Buy Generic Priligy. There are likewise cancers that would hit vital organs of the reproductive system. Some of the common cancers include prostate cancer, breast cancer and cancer of the ovary.


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